What's Coming?

Well, first off I hope people like what I have been doing, I have almost mastered Comic Life, as much mastered as it may be. Some of my presentations have really come together lately. Going to try a 2012/ Great Shift/ conspiracy/ Diary combination theme, it may not work in the stimulation department. don't know! but going to try...

As you may have noticed I have tried my hand at a great many subject, types and styles, hopefully this has catered partly to most browsers who look forward to more captions.

If you feel inclined pls comment on this post as to: if you prefer/like etc, sex scenes or if word imagery is prefered (I read somewhere that some people prefer the idea but not the actual imagery of sexual intercourse in captions), since I have done both and will contine to do so, change is not an issue but I would be interested in your views on the subject.

Dragon Master Cecil

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