Fanciful Thinking

Here's one, which might be silly, tried a tint on the picture to illistrate the change more, I think its O.K but could be better.

Now I was always into manga and when I mean in too, I MEAN IN TOO, Tenchi, Fruits Basket, especially girls manga, this was not quite strange but odd since none of my friends were… then one day I got this really rare copy of Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury got turned into a boy and lost her sailor powers.

I was in quite an asinine mood and decided to say the words out loud; mimicking the words in the book, then a flash of light boomed across my vision and felt dizzy without any connection to any part of myself. As my vision cleared I felt very different and then it clicked I looked like a sailor school girl, the reverse of what happened to Sailor Mercury.

I felt so light and the material of the cute uniform was caressing my smooth kissable skin, then the biggest change occurred to me; I had a girl’s room and I was speaking Japanese, the transition had been flawless. Oh Well…

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