Quantum Jump

I will continue on with this theme, I think it had good aspirations... like the theme/tag 'Great Shift', 'Quantum Jump' is suitable, so I am introducing a new tag to my right-hand column for quick access.


Do you take this man....(1/3)

P.S... Can't decide on outcome, guess if you wish... here are the layouts... finnish once I've got that final spark...


Side Effects May Occur!

P.S Found this on another Blogger... (Not Mine) but still funny!

This week I am in Manhattan, living like a New Yorker. I have learned many things about the city. Today I will teach you how to ride the subway. First, when you drop part of a cookie in the subway station, the five second rule does not apply. That cookie is dead before it hits the ground. Second, when someone with a badge throws you on the ground, puts your arm behind your back, puts his knee on your neck, and yells, “DO NOT RESIST! DO NOT RESIST!” you should not resist. I learned this by watching. I also learned that you are not supposed to watch. You are supposed to “KEEP ON MOVING!”

To ride the subway, you must purchase a card with a magnetic strip. You learn this by observing other people “in the know” swiping their cards as they enter the turnstile. There are many options for what type of card you might want for particular purposes, and no apparent posted instructions. Luckily, you can ask for guidance from a helpful person who is behind thick glass. This transaction involves mumbling, rushing, condescension, the supposition that you are a moron, much evidence to support that assumption, and eventually the exchange of money for a little card that may or may not have some application for riding the subway.

Once armed with your little card, you swipe it on the turnstile. This is a frightening experience because there are at least nine wrong ways to swipe a card in a turnstile. I discovered all of them as a line of impatient New Yorkers formed behind me. I was holding the card the right way, and swiping it in the right direction, but as a uniformed guard eventually showed me, there is also something about the speed, trajectory, and possibly your state of mind that is also necessary for the turnstile to accept the card. I don't know how many times the turnstile has to reject you before the guy with the badge puts his knee on your neck and starts yelling “DO NOT RESIST!” but I am sure I was close to the limit.


Confused... Yes...

I watched Drive Angry last night and I can honestly say it's a film that is at times both awful and disjointed and other times funny and full of unexpected thought. I viewed the film as disjointed yet parts were very good and the ending was amusing to say the least.

Therefore I am in two minds 1), 3/10 2),8/10....

D.M.C.. wondering, what's your view?



Crash...Bang! Part 2

I had a sudden spike for PII, still more to come, I like the scheme on this caption, sometimes, they seem to flow easily...other times they don't...

Crash... Bang! Part 1

Not sure what route I am going to take with Part two yet, maybe a mental change/spirit possessed etc... Wait and See...


Wow Wow Wow! Chanur #6

If your interested, C.J Cherryh actually finished the Chanur Saga, I rememeber reading 1-5 when I was, well younger. The last book (#5) must have been 1996 but appartently in 2007 she wrote book #6, only Clive Barkers Abarat is contending for the award of 'Most annoying waiting time inbetween books' trophy now. I still have the 1-3 and 4, 5 paperbacks and have been reading like a demon to reawaken my inner Hani, after all this time I need too.

So if anybody here stopped looking, it's finally here Chanur #6, oddly I didn't hear when it first came-out, you think they would have made a hoop-la over the fact; but anyway it's here and my inner Hani/Teenager is currently tearing throught #2.

Are there any Kif out there?