What's Coming?

Well, first off I hope people like what I have been doing, I have almost mastered Comic Life, as much mastered as it may be. Some of my presentations have really come together lately. Going to try a 2012/ Great Shift/ conspiracy/ Diary combination theme, it may not work in the stimulation department. don't know! but going to try...

As you may have noticed I have tried my hand at a great many subject, types and styles, hopefully this has catered partly to most browsers who look forward to more captions.

If you feel inclined pls comment on this post as to: if you prefer/like etc, sex scenes or if word imagery is prefered (I read somewhere that some people prefer the idea but not the actual imagery of sexual intercourse in captions), since I have done both and will contine to do so, change is not an issue but I would be interested in your views on the subject.

Dragon Master Cecil

Alice's.. Alan's Adventures in Wonderland

Alice is needed at the tea party but her father thinks she is lying and scolds her at once while grounding her. What does the Red Queen do, gets the father to take her place.

Or off with his... sorry her head!



If you are here, thanks for visiting, pls take the time to vote as would like to know people's general impression of the caps I do...

Dragon Master Cecil

Rave on Girl

What will happen when You do clubbing?


Unexpected New Me

The Office: Part 1

Here's a new WIP, hope you enjoy, ... really like how the design
design scheme came together on this on!


Thanks to BRAZZERS for the images.

P.S... Is part-II finished..umm. Maybe, you will have to check back to see *Giggle*...*LOL*


Unexpected Answer!

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Fate can sometimes take a turn for the... ?

Nana: The Unveiling

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What happens when the government wants stability after the great shift... as the old saying goes...

"Resistance is futile... you will be assimilited!"


I Will Fear No Evil by Robert A. Heinlein

"Johann Sebastian Bach Smith is very old, very rich, very stubborn - and caught in the medical straight-jacket of extensive life support. So he conceives of having his brain transplanted - whether the operation is successful or not, he'll at least escape the straight-jacket. So far, an idea done many times before. Now Heinlein adds his own touch, as the 'donor' body turns out to be that of his young, extremely beautiful secretary, Eunice Branca, who was mugged and murdered. When Johann wakes up after the operation, he finds Eunice there in his head, ready to help him adjust to the new world of being very much a female. Is Eunice real, a product of 'body experience'? Or just a figment of Johann's imagination? Heinlein lays clues to this important question throughout the book, but you'll have to read it and make up your own mind"

Old TG book I read years ago, deals with multitude of aspects in regards to TG, if you can read, you should read this...

Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/3ytx4xd

A Sister's Mercy?

What will he do when he gets to see things from her POV, let's see then...


Fanciful Thinking

Here's one, which might be silly, tried a tint on the picture to illistrate the change more, I think its O.K but could be better.

Now I was always into manga and when I mean in too, I MEAN IN TOO, Tenchi, Fruits Basket, especially girls manga, this was not quite strange but odd since none of my friends were… then one day I got this really rare copy of Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury got turned into a boy and lost her sailor powers.

I was in quite an asinine mood and decided to say the words out loud; mimicking the words in the book, then a flash of light boomed across my vision and felt dizzy without any connection to any part of myself. As my vision cleared I felt very different and then it clicked I looked like a sailor school girl, the reverse of what happened to Sailor Mercury.

I felt so light and the material of the cute uniform was caressing my smooth kissable skin, then the biggest change occurred to me; I had a girl’s room and I was speaking Japanese, the transition had been flawless. Oh Well…

Hot Sexy Young Bimbo

Pics captures from video of the same name: (Pixie Entertainment)

Now I was not always like this and here is why, I used to be a man not just a man but a manly man, men looked up to me and women adored me, even worshipped me and I had no problem bedding a new women every night.

Unfortunately I digest since you may ask how I am to be like this and you would be wise to ask for it is a cautionary tale indeed, spite or revenge is never so understood or realised as when put upon you yet so ignored when paralleled with routine, for it’s easy for one to become so entirely fooled and the be fooled without.

I will be the first to admit I used women like mindless sex toys but I was not even given a chance to repent before Cindy my long suffering wife swapped bodies with me, I was really happy with her lately, she had become obedience, wore sultry outfits and completely transformed her life to supposedly help me stay true to our wedding vows; of course she was just setting me up!

She took up smoking, got bimbo tats and even took up smoking; became MY walking wet dream, I did feel a few pangs to guilt about what she was doing to herself for me but that all went away when she presented her slut self to me, to be honest I think she did like what she was becoming.

I guess I earned this fate, one night she suddenly threw with pink spicy powder at me and I was her only more sultry and horny then she ever made herself. “Like the new you there hon, I always knew you were born to bitch”.

Whatever spell she used, it made me her or my vision of her; or I should say me so complete I did not fight. One moment I was a strong powerful alpha male, the next cum hungry loyal wife. Perhaps I should have respected her more but then she is now my MAN and I just love the outcome.


My Sister's Wish Part 1: Post 2

Pictures from: Open Source Newsnet Submission (User:Kail67)

My Sister's Wish Part 1 Post 1

Here's one I have been working on...

Good Intentions


GSC Hito (MC003)

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Sexy Lexi (MC002)


What Happened? (MC006)

Another quick one...

Hello Kitty (MC004)

Here is a unique little one, don't take this one too seriously, just a bit of fun!

Great Shift: Ayumi (MC005)

Now the great shift had affected a great many people in a great variety of ways, some older people gained younger fitter bodies, new leases on life you might say and others got stuck in older bodies, it was just the luck of the draw. However for Ben it worked wonders since he had never had much luck with the ladies and considered it a fact of life that women, beautiful women had a much easier life, but as he was to discover, much to his luck was actually much to his detriment.

Later that day the announcements were made on TV, surprisingly Ben found Japanese no problem; in fact English was actually starting to get a bit fuzzy around the edges. Odd that. Like some countries in the world at large Japan decided that who you were physically was who you were legally and anyone who questioned that logic was rounded-up and mentally reconditioned to accept host memories as primary gauges.

Ben had no trouble in this area, yet since she explored her new body every possible moment she got, in-between her waitress job at the local Sushi bar. His own memories actually became more and more dim, this was her aim since it was announced some weeks later that people who fully embraced their new lives could shove aside old memories for their physical ones.

Sadly Ayumi’s problems were just beginning and she realised that she had on/off boyfriends to help mange the bills and if she did not get another boyfriend within a week she would be out in the street. She now wondered why she believed women had it easier, that day she had applied for a counter role offering twice the Yen, and was scoffed at, the word even hurt now, “you, a women!”, Ayumi just signed… a boyfriend it was then…