Laws and the Unlawful

Today the most interesting thing happened to me, I don’t think it was new to me and certainly I have considered It before but never from a duel perspective, now what happened was I had come home from Tesco’s and saw to my utter disbelief that two people were dropping waste all over the floor (empty sandwich cases) not 5 seconds away from a bin.

Now a two policemen walked by, hooray you might say but no, they saw and just carried on walking, littering is still a law by my knowledge and this real-life example shows just how many silly little laws are out there or perhaps I should say how some laws are broken on such a grand scale the police just don’t bother; it was not like they were CPP’s either, they were constables.

So there you have it, laws and the unlawful, perhaps if politicians considered implementation before implementing laws would be more sane, littering is of course wrong but what about all those other silly regulations out there plus the red tape needed to simply put up a shed in your own garden.

UK law simply put needs to be deregulated and people need to exercise common sense in their actions.

Dragon Master Cecil

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