I am going on Holiday for three weeks, that means no computers for me, computers can be addictive, which is why when I go away I become a no-computer zone. I am sure some/most people feel the same...

So... I am not dead ... at least not yet ... that is not to say a car couldn't knock me down and kill me tomorrow or ten minutes from now.

I will be back... 'to the future'

Dragon Master Cecil



I wonder sometimes, this is in relation to some of he um.... clicks I get, sometimes people think my caps are crazy. Now I must admit I did not expect any persons to actually use that option as it was included because I was perhaps in a wimsical mood but then there are patterns... e.g. some caps get mostly 'cool' so obviously some people think my caps (or at least someof them) are crazy.

Comments welcome on this subject...

One 'Crazy' click was attributed to 'The Office' conclusion, which personally I think the ending was good. It showed Louise's gradual fall into the grasp of whomever wished (his) downfall.

Any feedback on any of these subjects will be received without bias...

Anyway, thanks for reading...

Dragon Master Cecil



Dazed and Hazed 3: (End)

The Office (End)

Comments welcome... hope you enjoyed the ending and sorry I took so long, Enjoy!


Lost in Shadow

Unwise Move 1

Gemma Portman (End)

This did not really turn out well, but its got the up-points being a tg story/byline and the relevant issues. My personal rating would be 6/10 for 4p GemmaPortman Series... not my best