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Rob being such a .... is going to get what he deserves, how? Just might surprise you... Ch.3 promises a whole new outlook for our ... main character... just who is the mysterious lady?...


I looked at my stats and the most viewed cap ever is Ta Da.... Mask of Loki and honestly, I don't consider it one of my better caps but who am I to say... its all about you the readers.

____________All-Time Views/Personal Rating
Mask of Loki 1,028___5/10
(Prison Bitch2) 358___7/10
(Prison Bitch) 231___7/10
The Office Pt1 210___8/10
Yes Boss! 209___7/10

N.B. To say I was surprised.. VERY

Becoming Ch2 (3-6)

Becoming Ch1 (1-2)

More Coming!



O.K first, The blog is not dead, I just needed a break, I think... Working on a new caption series though its not ready yet. I have got the layout ready the pictures inserted, need to work out backgrounds and story line.

Would be interested to know what you favourite caption series so far is...?

Brand New U
Baily and Tina
Gemma Portman etc.......

Waking Up Sober