What's Coming! September

This month I've managed to build a foremidable backlog, just a couple of items to look forward too...

Part 3: The Office (8P)
Bailey and Tina (23P) Yes 23 panels, with an actual story I wrote. (Long Story)
Brand New U (11P) Mid-lenght story cap
Kitty (10P) Comp

Practice makes Perfect (2)
Unexpected (2)
Cheaters never Prosper (1)
Willing Exchange (2)
Responsible Adults (2)
Patental Mix-Match (1)
Doll (1)
Prison Bitch (3)
Secret Garden Part 4 (1)
Gemma Portman P2-3 (2)
Fuckablelola (1)
+ Others

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On a side note lately I have noticed people are less tolerant of issues in general, times being what they are, it is to be expected that the public may have less rope with others; however it seems to be the case, its times like these that shape humanity and exactly the times when we should show more compassion not less.

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That said if anybody has primary candidates for first postings, comment...

Dragon Master Cecil


Oh! Brad...

Pls Pls Pls somebody tell me they get this one, I have not even tried to hide it, the first person to explain it gets an imaginary pat on the back...

P.S. This was done at the late night picture show...


Everything so Far! (WinZip & Deposit File)

Over 100 panels already, well I decided to unite them, as it states... all my caps so far...


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24.08.2010 *Update*

After a comment/vote or two I will post the rest of Kitty and another nine panel story set I finished + mini's, until then enjoy the Deposit 'cap collection', over 100 panels already (I was surprised myself!), I started this as a ... sport really, I was told I did not have the creativity and that it was harder to edit and create photo blogs than it seemed but guess they were wrong. In any case enjoy the caps pls feedback, even a little...

Dragon Master Cecil

Just a little sneak preview...


Yes, Boss?

Secretary/Boss story cap, I was thinking? Yes I do have a brain!, under a category would, Dragons Fangs be 'caption site' or 'Gallery site', I do include more of a story+ext panels then most, at least in my opinion, y/n, again pls feel free to comment...


Kitty 2-3

Here is parts 2-3, Will kitty escape her master's desired fate for her, probably not, do they ever?


Educating Kitty

This was meant to be a short but the photo set just called out to be expanded, so I did and reached 9 panels but I got VERY dark with this one and it might not be suitable e.g beatings, whips, drugs, demeanment, BDSM, torture; so you decide, do you want me to post the rest, comment pls or otherwise I will just post and see the reactions...but I'd rather hear from you y/n thx...

Panel 01 is tame, I know but go figure, how it turned so ... I don't know... The photo set I DL' drove the story probably... it was a anon newsgroup post...

I actually did one panel, posted (I have caps waiting, don't post all at once) then looked at the photoset and expanded, the photo's just bended so well to a caption story-line.


My Sister's Wish (17p C)

Finally complete my 17 panel semi-epic 'My Sister's Wish', I have also reformatted part 1 and presented the complete caption roll here:

Full DL: http://depositfiles.com/files/3d2kwcbqb

Lolita Goes On!

Mask of Loki Cont...


Secret Garden 3

I should note I never meant this to become an ongoing cap but it did, so here's to the secret garden.



Infinity Sign has just released a great new FREE pdf download comic, perhaps one of his best to date.


Mask of Loki


Getting Better


Secret Garden 2



The Office: Part Two


O.K, first the layout for Office Reorganisation is 34 panels long, so I am filling in the story as I go along and even I don't know the details. The layout with photo's just needs a worded story, which I am doing in parts. Will it be magic cast by a jilted secretary or perhaps a colleague taking his/her place. Your guess is a good as mine. So enjoy Part 2....

Part 2

Unfortunately I was still really horny and one last ditch attempt would not hurt, now would it, I felt so light and air headed, not one though aside cock or horniness seemed to stick in my pretty little head and it seemed I was a prisoner in my own body.

I quickly got undressed again and posed myself erotically the Bimbo in charge was actually happy, it seemed like she laughed at me as Craig’s penis became rock hard in his pants, I sighed to myself, myself that is since the cock seemed to promise satisfaction of the utmost passion and my power to gain erect decisions washed over me like drug intoxication.

Instead of fucking me instead he told me I was a cock-sucking whore and a nasty piece of pussy who wanted nothing but sex, I stroked and rubbed my pussy knowing he was also getting harder, he thought not giving in was winning but part of me knew talking dirty was just as erotic and soon just after I orgasmed he creamed his pants, I always get my satisfaction a little voice in my head seemed to whisper.

Satisfaction washed over me, Craig seemed a little peeved but as he stroked his cock I knew he was happy, after all who could not be happy with horny little cock-sucker and mega slutty tease living at home with them. I smiled, he smiled and I looked at his crotch while working myself up yet again.

What on this God’s green earth had happened and why was I so different, Craig was not to blame… ummm… why should I blame anyone I *purr* to myself. I was a man, his long-time friend and now/former business partner but yet here I was a fully functional women, unadulterated horny slut and happy; no not happy lusty, lustful and loving every second, it was like my brain had been hard-wired to sex.

New Mistress

Femm School

Where does this school exist?
Does anyone know?


It's Too Big

I don't know?

Well is it?

Gothic Horror Picture Show

Here's a little silly one, pls be kind, ust for fun...

Night Time Cometh


Secret Garden

Magic still exists, its just abit broken!

Pictures from: Supernude.KAO

N.B: Yes Supernude.KAO appears to be a faviourite source of mine, and its a pay-site if your interested in access to it, so money money money....

http://dragonsfangscaptions.blogspot.com/2010/08/secret-garden-2.html (Part 2)

Being Gemma Portman

As promised Gemma Portman, I do hope for some comments on this, if i do not know the effect or (no effect) of the combo theme I may not be inclined to continue it, that said I hope people do like it, there's something about designing your own caps that make them lacking is other area's, which other people's work show quite readily.

(Pls Comment like/dislike)