What's Coming! September

This month I've managed to build a foremidable backlog, just a couple of items to look forward too...

Part 3: The Office (8P)
Bailey and Tina (23P) Yes 23 panels, with an actual story I wrote. (Long Story)
Brand New U (11P) Mid-lenght story cap
Kitty (10P) Comp

Practice makes Perfect (2)
Unexpected (2)
Cheaters never Prosper (1)
Willing Exchange (2)
Responsible Adults (2)
Patental Mix-Match (1)
Doll (1)
Prison Bitch (3)
Secret Garden Part 4 (1)
Gemma Portman P2-3 (2)
Fuckablelola (1)
+ Others

- - - - - - - - -

On a side note lately I have noticed people are less tolerant of issues in general, times being what they are, it is to be expected that the public may have less rope with others; however it seems to be the case, its times like these that shape humanity and exactly the times when we should show more compassion not less.

- - - - - - - - -

That said if anybody has primary candidates for first postings, comment...

Dragon Master Cecil

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