The Office: Part Two


O.K, first the layout for Office Reorganisation is 34 panels long, so I am filling in the story as I go along and even I don't know the details. The layout with photo's just needs a worded story, which I am doing in parts. Will it be magic cast by a jilted secretary or perhaps a colleague taking his/her place. Your guess is a good as mine. So enjoy Part 2....

Part 2

Unfortunately I was still really horny and one last ditch attempt would not hurt, now would it, I felt so light and air headed, not one though aside cock or horniness seemed to stick in my pretty little head and it seemed I was a prisoner in my own body.

I quickly got undressed again and posed myself erotically the Bimbo in charge was actually happy, it seemed like she laughed at me as Craig’s penis became rock hard in his pants, I sighed to myself, myself that is since the cock seemed to promise satisfaction of the utmost passion and my power to gain erect decisions washed over me like drug intoxication.

Instead of fucking me instead he told me I was a cock-sucking whore and a nasty piece of pussy who wanted nothing but sex, I stroked and rubbed my pussy knowing he was also getting harder, he thought not giving in was winning but part of me knew talking dirty was just as erotic and soon just after I orgasmed he creamed his pants, I always get my satisfaction a little voice in my head seemed to whisper.

Satisfaction washed over me, Craig seemed a little peeved but as he stroked his cock I knew he was happy, after all who could not be happy with horny little cock-sucker and mega slutty tease living at home with them. I smiled, he smiled and I looked at his crotch while working myself up yet again.

What on this God’s green earth had happened and why was I so different, Craig was not to blame… ummm… why should I blame anyone I *purr* to myself. I was a man, his long-time friend and now/former business partner but yet here I was a fully functional women, unadulterated horny slut and happy; no not happy lusty, lustful and loving every second, it was like my brain had been hard-wired to sex.

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