I am going on Holiday for three weeks, that means no computers for me, computers can be addictive, which is why when I go away I become a no-computer zone. I am sure some/most people feel the same...

So... I am not dead ... at least not yet ... that is not to say a car couldn't knock me down and kill me tomorrow or ten minutes from now.

I will be back... 'to the future'

Dragon Master Cecil



I wonder sometimes, this is in relation to some of he um.... clicks I get, sometimes people think my caps are crazy. Now I must admit I did not expect any persons to actually use that option as it was included because I was perhaps in a wimsical mood but then there are patterns... e.g. some caps get mostly 'cool' so obviously some people think my caps (or at least someof them) are crazy.

Comments welcome on this subject...

One 'Crazy' click was attributed to 'The Office' conclusion, which personally I think the ending was good. It showed Louise's gradual fall into the grasp of whomever wished (his) downfall.

Any feedback on any of these subjects will be received without bias...

Anyway, thanks for reading...

Dragon Master Cecil



Dazed and Hazed 3: (End)

The Office (End)

Comments welcome... hope you enjoyed the ending and sorry I took so long, Enjoy!


Lost in Shadow

Unwise Move 1

Gemma Portman (End)

This did not really turn out well, but its got the up-points being a tg story/byline and the relevant issues. My personal rating would be 6/10 for 4p GemmaPortman Series... not my best



Next Month and This Month

Well first off the up-take on custom caps was 0 (Zero) :(, that said I have managed to get the creative juices flowing again and finish my Office Series.

Here I should note it was finished, then not finished, I could just not decide on a ending and had myself redo it a number of times but hey its done now in its 24 panel glory... to be released in November. I even removed and added a few panels that did not quite flow, my heart or perhaps interest got lost or maybe changed directions on me... anyway you'll see...

I put together a 3 panel mini called Dazed and Hazed, which looks wonderful and holds tradition to TG yet is still perhaps my best presention to date... unlike practice makes perfect', which even designed by me was abit hab dash in its presentation.

You may have noticed I have limited myself to 10-14 caption posts per month, that's because of time issues and not wanting to be glued to my computer every waking second, baby sitting, work etc, though the inital flurry was fun...

Dragon Master Cecil


Books, Gaps and Self-Torment

You may have heard of Clive Barker, he is of course fairly well known and a greatly renowned author. However in general terms of writing and series I do have a grip, it may be unfounded but I guess thats me...

The Abarat books ( #1 (2002) #2 (2004) ) are fantastic books but the time inbetween novels is... unwarrented... Book 3, of 5 (it was 4) is due for 2011. Put in perspective, (2yrs Gap) - (7yrs Gap) between novels.

As a readers, we; I expect a certain degree of loyalty such as we give them. Please allow to type clearly, Some authors have projects, they finish them and move on; then others start, do something else, thus keeping their captive audiences waiting. (and in some cases waiting....................)

This might be a rant, I think it is! but some authors, much as I follow them... tick me off... I can understand possible reasons but keep in mind Clive Barker is a extreme case. There are reasons... probably but is it fair?

Dragon Master Cecil


Parental Mis-Match

Willing Exchange

Secret Garden 4-5 (End)

Finally the end of the Secret Garden, sorry for the wait but Hurah it here...


Open Season on Dragons REQUESTS

Hi there everyone,
I am going to open-up the gates, so to speak, e-mail me a picture, picture set (you can attach(E-mail) or use Deposit Files) and I will create captions for my readers here. I do not know if there will be interested parties but then here I am throwing it out there anyway.

Come one, come all or not at all
Faerie land of mind of mine
To fateful changes in-side and out
Forced and willing with meek of mind
With othersexual transferance
Both of body and Mind

Dragon Master Cecil


Practice Makes Perfect


School Girls Revenge

Just a little on, didn't turn out very well but hey....

Bailey and Tina 4-8 (24)

http://depositfiles.com/files/nx05h5ab6 (3.345mb) <1min (Full 24 Panels)
I will post rest but remember full Series is on Desposit Files above ...

Cheaters Never Prosper

Prison Bitch 3 (End)

Oh Father in Heaven

Is it God? or the Devil?


This was a quick one but hey, its okay but not my usually standard, anyway enjoy...

Prison Bitch 2



Bailey and Tina

Hi everyone, here it is, THE BIG ONE, my 24 panel story/picture cap. I wrote the story to match the picture set and it worked out very well. It's a mix of comic style, narrative and captions all mixed in to one.

I have posted the first three for now, if your eager for the rest its available below, I will post the rest soon, uploading the entire set will take-time. So enjoy folks....

http://depositfiles.com/files/nx05h5ab6 (3.345kb) <1min (Full 24 Panels)

N.B - I really would like comments on this, your impressions good/bad will be welcomed...


Image Use

Hi there everyone,

I don't know about any of the readers here but I find known persons i.e tv show frame grabs to be uninteresting in TG caps. Perhaps it because there is already a story behind the picture. The same also goes for pictures that you have seen before used as tg cap frames, though this is rare.

In any case just sharing my opinions her in my little sector of the Delta Quadrant space. Thats a reference to a tv show by the way....

Dragon Master Cecil