Next Month and This Month

Well first off the up-take on custom caps was 0 (Zero) :(, that said I have managed to get the creative juices flowing again and finish my Office Series.

Here I should note it was finished, then not finished, I could just not decide on a ending and had myself redo it a number of times but hey its done now in its 24 panel glory... to be released in November. I even removed and added a few panels that did not quite flow, my heart or perhaps interest got lost or maybe changed directions on me... anyway you'll see...

I put together a 3 panel mini called Dazed and Hazed, which looks wonderful and holds tradition to TG yet is still perhaps my best presention to date... unlike practice makes perfect', which even designed by me was abit hab dash in its presentation.

You may have noticed I have limited myself to 10-14 caption posts per month, that's because of time issues and not wanting to be glued to my computer every waking second, baby sitting, work etc, though the inital flurry was fun...

Dragon Master Cecil

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