Books, Gaps and Self-Torment

You may have heard of Clive Barker, he is of course fairly well known and a greatly renowned author. However in general terms of writing and series I do have a grip, it may be unfounded but I guess thats me...

The Abarat books ( #1 (2002) #2 (2004) ) are fantastic books but the time inbetween novels is... unwarrented... Book 3, of 5 (it was 4) is due for 2011. Put in perspective, (2yrs Gap) - (7yrs Gap) between novels.

As a readers, we; I expect a certain degree of loyalty such as we give them. Please allow to type clearly, Some authors have projects, they finish them and move on; then others start, do something else, thus keeping their captive audiences waiting. (and in some cases waiting....................)

This might be a rant, I think it is! but some authors, much as I follow them... tick me off... I can understand possible reasons but keep in mind Clive Barker is a extreme case. There are reasons... probably but is it fair?

Dragon Master Cecil

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