Educating Kitty

This was meant to be a short but the photo set just called out to be expanded, so I did and reached 9 panels but I got VERY dark with this one and it might not be suitable e.g beatings, whips, drugs, demeanment, BDSM, torture; so you decide, do you want me to post the rest, comment pls or otherwise I will just post and see the reactions...but I'd rather hear from you y/n thx...

Panel 01 is tame, I know but go figure, how it turned so ... I don't know... The photo set I DL' drove the story probably... it was a anon newsgroup post...

I actually did one panel, posted (I have caps waiting, don't post all at once) then looked at the photoset and expanded, the photo's just bended so well to a caption story-line.

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