Hot Sexy Young Bimbo

Pics captures from video of the same name: (Pixie Entertainment)

Now I was not always like this and here is why, I used to be a man not just a man but a manly man, men looked up to me and women adored me, even worshipped me and I had no problem bedding a new women every night.

Unfortunately I digest since you may ask how I am to be like this and you would be wise to ask for it is a cautionary tale indeed, spite or revenge is never so understood or realised as when put upon you yet so ignored when paralleled with routine, for it’s easy for one to become so entirely fooled and the be fooled without.

I will be the first to admit I used women like mindless sex toys but I was not even given a chance to repent before Cindy my long suffering wife swapped bodies with me, I was really happy with her lately, she had become obedience, wore sultry outfits and completely transformed her life to supposedly help me stay true to our wedding vows; of course she was just setting me up!

She took up smoking, got bimbo tats and even took up smoking; became MY walking wet dream, I did feel a few pangs to guilt about what she was doing to herself for me but that all went away when she presented her slut self to me, to be honest I think she did like what she was becoming.

I guess I earned this fate, one night she suddenly threw with pink spicy powder at me and I was her only more sultry and horny then she ever made herself. “Like the new you there hon, I always knew you were born to bitch”.

Whatever spell she used, it made me her or my vision of her; or I should say me so complete I did not fight. One moment I was a strong powerful alpha male, the next cum hungry loyal wife. Perhaps I should have respected her more but then she is now my MAN and I just love the outcome.

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