Great Shift: Ayumi (MC005)

Now the great shift had affected a great many people in a great variety of ways, some older people gained younger fitter bodies, new leases on life you might say and others got stuck in older bodies, it was just the luck of the draw. However for Ben it worked wonders since he had never had much luck with the ladies and considered it a fact of life that women, beautiful women had a much easier life, but as he was to discover, much to his luck was actually much to his detriment.

Later that day the announcements were made on TV, surprisingly Ben found Japanese no problem; in fact English was actually starting to get a bit fuzzy around the edges. Odd that. Like some countries in the world at large Japan decided that who you were physically was who you were legally and anyone who questioned that logic was rounded-up and mentally reconditioned to accept host memories as primary gauges.

Ben had no trouble in this area, yet since she explored her new body every possible moment she got, in-between her waitress job at the local Sushi bar. His own memories actually became more and more dim, this was her aim since it was announced some weeks later that people who fully embraced their new lives could shove aside old memories for their physical ones.

Sadly Ayumi’s problems were just beginning and she realised that she had on/off boyfriends to help mange the bills and if she did not get another boyfriend within a week she would be out in the street. She now wondered why she believed women had it easier, that day she had applied for a counter role offering twice the Yen, and was scoffed at, the word even hurt now, “you, a women!”, Ayumi just signed… a boyfriend it was then…

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