Wow Wow Wow! Chanur #6

If your interested, C.J Cherryh actually finished the Chanur Saga, I rememeber reading 1-5 when I was, well younger. The last book (#5) must have been 1996 but appartently in 2007 she wrote book #6, only Clive Barkers Abarat is contending for the award of 'Most annoying waiting time inbetween books' trophy now. I still have the 1-3 and 4, 5 paperbacks and have been reading like a demon to reawaken my inner Hani, after all this time I need too.

So if anybody here stopped looking, it's finally here Chanur #6, oddly I didn't hear when it first came-out, you think they would have made a hoop-la over the fact; but anyway it's here and my inner Hani/Teenager is currently tearing throught #2.

Are there any Kif out there?


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