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I have recently picked up on an author called James Axler, who writes the 'Outlander' books, which spin-off from the Deathland books. In all the total is around 84+ with other authors making additions, like the Forgotten Realms series. At first I started on one and stopped but went back to the book, called 'Exile to Hell', unfortunately like the Wheel of Time I wonder if my mind will hold; breaking and reading other books here and there is of course on the menu but still 84+ is quite a ... hill to climb.

Has anybody here tried to climb the James Axler mountain of fear, so to speak... What's your experience? Wishing myself goodluck....

Dragon Master Cecil

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  1. Cecil,

    I've read about 30 or so of the Deathlands series, as I'm a rabid fan of anything post-apocalyptic. I've even taken to buying the ones I can find on the used-paperback rack at my area flea market. I also get the James Axler emails every other month or so - letting me know when new books are in the works. I don't stress that I haven't read them all, or haven't read them in order - the books, or even the 2 and 3 part-ers seem to stand alone fairly well, with only the barest of links between them. Some of the sub-authors are better than others, and some of the plots range from the believable to the out-right hokey. I even have one that pits the heroes in an arena where their opponents have poisonous paintball guns, and use them instead of the "blasters" the heroes were used to - and I *LOVE* paintball! So, the series is varied and fun...but not all that literary and sophisticated. If you're looking for good post-apoc stories, stick with real authors, like David Brin (The Postman), or something less commercial, and more cerebral, like something you'd find on the shelves at your local library.


    Erin Genopeak
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