Bleary Eyed

Erica felt so bleary and the sense of disoriented was so emergent that even moving her head sent a buzzing wave of nausea throught her entire body. It was not just the sense of disorientated that was wrong, there was also a sense of *inexactness* about the simple aspect of being. It was then she realised through a groggy/disoriented mind and eyes that this room, body and person whom she was; seemed utterly alien to herself.

The room was prettying in and of its self, down to the pink walls and wood panelled flooring, she had wanted carpeting but money had not availed itself and so like always she had to settle, the life of a single mum and everything it entailed was not always as glamorous as people believed.

“Where did that come from?” Erica said, it was almost like hearing her own voice for the first-time. Erica was a single mum, perhaps she was a bit hung-over, going out with Paula had a bad influence on her and she usually drank too much but there was no alcohol on her breath.

After a few moments of consideration she realised that after waking-up her mind was just starting up more slowly than normal, she had breakfast to get ready for Brad, chores, shopping and she had to back for three to get her little darling dinner ready.

Thoroughly shrugging off her morning mind, whatever it was Erica relieved her horny morning body, losing her man to indifference had been hard, she was still sexually active and when no man availed, masturbation was the only option, after all men got morning wood, she knew that very well.

Slowly taking her clothes off, she felt her tits, slowly feeling her way all the way, deep down into the tingling recesses of her wet waiting pussy folds. Until she came, unfulfilled but somewhat satisfied she smiled; after all only a real cock made her really happy but they would also have to be a good father for Brad, that was the problem, they didn’t want a son, she sighed…

Brad slept in the room downstairs, her memory was still intact, after switching minds using her witchery dream powers, her mind had slept as Brad’s boy slept but when awake Erica would have a new lease on life, it was the only reason she had the kid and Erica, was now a loving parent, she had always hated the kid but he was just a body she farmed. Life would be new she believed, she would achieve great things and if not; well children were easy and sex was always fun.

The End

Bleary Eyed

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