Hi folks,
Now I am a very broad-reader, thought I mainly read Fantasy/Sci-fi genre novels, but I have latched on to the Fever Series my Karen Marie Moning, it's your basic paranormal romp but the style or should I say atmosphere is very unique and I am half-way through book-3. I was on Amazon and read the various reviews from people and as expected there were the 'I am going to have to wait 9 months the next installment;, comment, which is what I love about finding a series after it's been completed :).

About my Captions:-

I know I have been lacking lately but inspiration as well as different (inspiring) photo sets have been short in supply lately. I get tried of writing generic captions and need something fresh etc...

I am happy with the 'The Problem with Angelique!' (Story and Caption set), It is finsished ........but it might not be finished if you get my drift. I would like to say sorry about the typeos but I just wanted to share it so much.

In a few day fully checked, Why is it when you first check your own work all those little errors do not show up? but you go back and they GLARE at you...LOL I will post a 'Deposit Files' Zip link for full download.


IF any of the previous series zips are down or out-of-date, inform me so I can re-upload, Thanks...

PLEASE GIVE ME FEEDBACK ON STORY/CAPTION SET, it would be useful when I pad it out.

Dragon Master

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