The Problem with Catherine! (Complete Story) (2000 Words or less)

The Problem with Catherine! (Complete) (2000 Words)

The day was cold or tat is to say as cold California could possibly get being the sunshine state, The roads were clear, the sun streamed down and everywhere people could be seen going about their daily business, their daily grind and one man in particular was about to get the stock of his life.

That is not to say that he had not been shocked before but this was going to be very strange and very different, in fact one could be persuaded to assuage the situation to darn right supernatural given the right perspective.

Brad was tall, athletic and everything you could possibly imagine from a hot rod Californian guy, that is to say he was good at sports, loved the ladies and they love him mostly or at any rate ended up sucking his cock or riding him back at his beach-side condo.

Brad may have been all of the above but in the end as is sometimes said the ends do not justify the means, now if you can read between the lines here, he loved women but on the whole never put them above the level of eye-candy or bed fillers.

Catherine on the other-hand was tall, athletic, virginal and witch to boot, she might add to herself of course, privately if such an inclination was possible that she was female and quite an emotional specimen of the species, not that she would ever admit this startling obvious facts to her most esteemed personage. The main gripe she had was that peoples minds were open to her and thoughts and feeling often crossed to her, often regarding her, nature of the power and inherent properties meant thoughts regarding her somewhat less than feminine entered her head, uttered or not.

The Californian day was of course hot, very hot, Brad being athletic and sporty was at the Tennis club awaiting court 14 to finish, which of course he mused to himself, ‘was taking absolutely forever… I’ll bet it’s a women playing as well, should know their place in the world’.

Catherine had just been thoroughly beaten, “Got you baby cakes” the chirpy blond dimpled at Catherine, I wasn’t even that the ditz was better, her mood had just ruined her game and left opening after opening for the annoying Ms Perky May to pound her two sets to one of all the darned luck.

It was at times like this that she wished she could use her magic to make her life better, reduce her height, make her body more womanly but it did not work like that, her mother had explained early in her teens when her magic bloomed at puberty, “Magic can not be used for selfish or should I say personal matters, if your own magic touches you honey, YOU WILL DIE”.

In fact this very emphatic statement was only proven a few years later when her mother had come into contact with an old client, the spell had tried to influence her and instead killed her dead. After reading and studying the books left behind by her mother, Catherine guessed the dampening spell, which protected her from her own magic had failed. The book had read ‘not charged up via a secondary conduit with adequate power’, what a way to go, all that power and unable to help yourself.

Catherine was walking out of the changing rooms, washed, and dried, ‘I’d hate to be tall like that, like so guy-like, probably a tomboy’, the thought washed in her head and Ms, I am so Perky May tittered down the hallway, plus she also caught a feeling of superiority aimed at her. This simply would not do, Catherine charged her power and stopped, death had its grips at her throat, her stomach tightened.

The waiting room was bright and airily furnished when Catherine sat down the plush chair was a boon to her soul, hearing people’s thoughts and feeling their emotions. It was strange how a simply chair plush, conformable but still a horrible purple could calm her inner vibrations, it was then the thoughts struck her mind.

Oh yeah slut, suck it!
An image of a brunette sucking repeatedly on mans cock.

Take it cum bucket!
The same brunette with cum being sprayed over her slutty face.

Catherine tried to get the thoughts gone, but image of the obviously whore brunette and her manly cock making her what she desired to benumbed her.

Who’s the master here women?
Catherine had the brunette in bondage, commanding her, cock ready to show who controlled whom.

Catherine same back to herself with a start and looked around the room, it then clicked in place that the brunette was Alice at reception and the man was the guy waiting to inline for a court. Waves of anger exploded over her and before she could stop it from happening a wave of energy left her and spread over the room.

Catherine was not a man-hater and fully understood that ones thought did not necessarily state one’s character or opinions but had not the time for consequences for she was overdue a spell-cast by the council and ending up dead was not on her do-to list for the day.

Now anybody who was watching might of thought that Catherine was simply late or had forgot something important, not that she wanted to escape the area for her life might depend on it. She honestly did not know since magic being a live creature and a fickle being it was too, might possibly construe that this gained her something and that case meant she had to be clear of the area and quickly, possibly forever.

Brad felt something and did not see Catherine leave the room in a great hurry, but suddenly felt uneasy, almost like a great change were about to occur and the atmosphere was charged, almost like the afterglow of fucking a women into orgasmic submission.

Completely unaware of the events unfolding Brad’s mind filled with the escapes of his ventures into female territory, the memories of domination and his own expectations of them filled his consciousness; shaping the world around him and of him.

Now, magic is not a subtle thing, at least that’s what it wants you to think and when it changes something it simply changes and that is that, no morphing or step-by-step viewable changes so one can see the stages of said change. Therefore Brad warming-up on the court found, thinking of him self as her self the most girly Angelique Francis, the memories of Brad merged with Angelique and such as with all cases the body wins out over the mind and Angelique was left speechless, which was odd, since Angelique was never quiet, always the one to flirt or fuck or titter but always looking pretty and charming.

Inside Angelique’s Mind…

“Hi there sweetie”, Angelique said inside her own head

“Uh, Uh…. “, Brad’s memories or should we say Brad, was quite bewildered at this point and one should be considerate for one such as that.

“Now honey…” Angelique extended this out with her own inner self oozing honey and sweetness.

“It’s okay, just become one with me, it easy”, Angelique added helpfully, thought of course not at all helpfully.

“… uh.. but I am not a women, women are weak, I am a…man”, it must be admitted this sounded lackadaisical and unsure but Angelique ever the understanding put her hand down and felt her wet sultry pussy, Brad who also had control over his or he thought her body immediately moved it back up.

Brad displaying all the grace of Angelique walked forward lay on the bench; Angelique let Brad adjust for even now his memories were hers while hers were becoming his. They were becoming one, why didn’t bother Angelique, she was happy and would still be she would just now also have the memories of a man as well, Brad still in abject denial had not put a coherent string of thoughts together.
Intelligence and me

The new memories and new women she was becoming would be a great improvement yet being the only coherent mind in her body at the moment proceeded to discard the useless information about Hemmingway and reprioritised hair, make-up, shopping and men in that order for nothing was more important than looking good and all that extra useless schooling, ‘bye bye’ she thought, she had dropped out of high school and she was totally good and totally hot, who needed to know proper grammar anyways.

“Oh My Gawd”, Angelique corralled in her head, “No………”, the other voice indistinct and gravely screamed for Angelique’s shifting had perused Pussy and Angelique shifted it away and imprinted Cock, Cock, Cock, Cock in her new mind.

That happened next could not be seen and could not be heard for in reality had it actually happened?, The two minds, Angelique and Brad disappeared, were gone never to be heard from again, In its place physically was a 21 year old women, a sexy drop-out with hardly any thought apart from, ‘Cock, Cock, Cock, Cock’, running through her pretty bomb-shell head.

It should be commented at this point that had not Angelique not interfered with the magic merging she would have retained her brains and sense, as it was the new Angelique was fully aware of the changes but was quite happy being a dim witted pretty young women, after all her mused all I need is a man to look after me and give me babies. She actually giggles at this, she could not at all play Tennis and was only here for one reason, the original Angelique would have cringed at the thoughts and Brad in his original form would have considered it apt.

Neo Angelique’s face sweet and sexy in its youth all so new sluttish demeanours knelt down proceeded to straddle the net with her pretty form fitting white short shorts and the pressure against her vaginal region was wonderfully hot. Thought she reasoned in-between rubbing her vaginal region that, ‘vaginal reason was too intell…’, “...pussy is much better”, she reasoned-out loud, “That’s like what Angelique of the like old would say, all smarty and stuff, Brad would have had pussy or slut-hole”.

Brad of course would have never have been so course to say slut-hole but Angelique of the new was not much in the brains department and despite old Angelique’s efforts the intellectual knowledge of a Graduate mostly remained but could not be processed by new Angelique’s mind-set.


Angelique’s situation was difficult and she fully comprehended that people expected her to be slightly brainy and not so sex orientated but she all so enjoyed her pussy rubbing and proceeded to strip and fondle herself under a nearby corpse of trees. ‘The together thing that happened’, she pouted, thinking very slowly, ’must have like been done wrongy’. Getting dressed quickly Angelique did not want to be brazen, ‘she was English after all and do to seen naked in public, unforgivable, really!’.

People would see a new side of Angelique over the next few months and gone was the pretty, smart Angelique but instead sexy, pretty and marriage ready Angelique put her head forward, despite the sometimes stupid questions about why she found the need to make herself less of a person from old friends, ‘…feminists, she thought to herself’, ‘Cock, Cock, Cock, Cock’ entered and pierced her soul for like the twentieth time that day, ’I am just too horny some days….’, she thought and went off to look for her fiancĂ© Richard who had to his mind a perfect bride-to-be, Catherine moved to Maine and never stepped foot in California again.

The End

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